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500 AED/ DAY

Luxury cars

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400 AED/ DAY

Family cars

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200 AED/ DAY

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100 AED/ DAY

LAMBORGHINIExpect the unexpected

2500 AED/ DAY T&C apply

FERRARI Being Ferrari
We are the competition

3000 AED/ DAY T&C apply

ROLLS ROYCEEffortless, Everywhere
The Best Car in the World

Wraith Black Badge
3000 AED/ DAY T&C apply

MCLARENBe Brave There are No Limits

570s Spider
2900 AED/ DAY T&C apply

BENTLEYBe Extraordinary

2200 AED/ DAY T&C apply

AUDIBeing ahead through Technology

1000 AED/ DAY T&C apply

PORSCHEFull Spectrum
Full Synergy

Boxter GTS
1000 AED/ DAY T&C apply

MERCEDES-BENZThe Best or Nothing

1000 AED/ DAY T&C apply

RANGE ROVEREffortless, Everywhere
The Best Car in the World

700 AED/ DAY T&C apply

Through Passion

1000 AED/ DAY T&C apply

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    VIP is Your Gateway to Great Deals for Car Rentals in Dubai. VIP car rental Dubai is one of the largest car dealer companies in Dubai that provides a substantial collection of cars in various styles, performances, and deals. Since you’re visiting or already a resident of the great city of Dubai, then a car rental in Dubai is somewhat a need to benefit from your stay here.

    Choosing us for your next car rental is beneficial in several ways, as we offer only the best cars in the market for you to enjoy and cruise on these concrete glorious streets. Pick the car that suits your preference and quality, for we offer all kinds of vehicles ranging from low to high prices depending on the class.

    Your safety is our number one priority when it comes to car rental in Dubai. Our cars are highly performance cars that are as good as newly fresh cars that come out of the oven. Feel secure and comfortable when cruising our VIP cars on the streets of Dubai.

    Monthly Car Rental Dubai

    Get a great deal on some of our extraordinary cars. A one- or two-day rental doesn’t quite cut it when you’re living in Dubai. That’s why we also offer great deals every month that allows you to keep your rental for more than just a few days. In a busy and spectacular city like Dubai, you will need a vehicle by your side almost all the time.

    With a great deal on a monthly car rental in Dubai, you can go to work, visit your friends and enjoy a cruise around during the weekend. Not to mention the places you’ll be able to visit like Sharjah, Al Quoz, and much more. Even if you decide to live in parts that are a bit further away from Dubai, you will still have us, your trusted car rental company that will provide you with the best-suited car hiring you need.

    Having a rental every month pay is a great investment that will keep you secure physically, mentally, and financially.

    Monthly Rental Benefits

    Why settle for only a one-day car rental when you can keep it for several months, depending on your requirements? Monthly car leasing benefits you in the great city of Dubai in a countless way:

    • When you’re in Dubai for a business meeting or just for the holidays, transportation is somewhat a dilemma if you have to be in multiple places in a small time frame. That’s why a car at your disposal could be a good investment and a lifesaver because you’ll never know when that unexpected meeting pops up.
    • You can control the flow and stay on schedule. Dubai is a busy city, and traffic is frustrating. You won’t get wherever you want to go on time if you take public transportation, especially at rush hour. However, renting a car will definitely make it easier to move around and sometimes avoid traffic instead of sticking to the fixed route of public transportation.
    • Be your own travel guide. The best thing about renting a car in Dubai is that you can choose your own destinations and stick to your own time frame. You don’t have to pay for a tour and visit sights you don’t want to see, just get a rental and enjoy your vacation the way you like it.
    • Take advantage of the amazing features that come with your rental—best of all, the modern technology of the GPS built-in to your car. Try to get a car with this feature that enables you to visit places without memorizing the city’s map.
    • Finally, get a great deal on extraordinary cars with a monthly rental offer. With a company like VIP, you’ll obtain an outstanding deal on your dream car, and you’ll be saving more money than you know it. Monthly car rent is better and cheaper than renting daily.

    Exotic Car Rental in Dubai

    What you need is a convertible or vehicle that will serve as your modern age transport machine in the great city of Dubai. Whether you’re on a trip with your family or just need promising transportation for your convenience, our exotic car rental Dubai company is here for you. Leaving your home to attend work, going on a late-night drive, or even sightseeing can be accomplished through the glorious cars we have to offer. Walking should be a thing of the past, for cars are the way to the future.

    In a modern city like Dubai, you need a unique and exceptional car to get you wherever you need to go. Since buying a car is out of the conversation, let’s talk about car rental in Dubai. With a car hiring company like us at VIP, your renting process is so smooth and easy that you won’t even have to lift a finger. By contacting our dealers, they will definitely find the perfect fit for you, depending on your requirements.

    VIP Car Rental has now become the ideal option for people in Dubai. We served a lot of customers daily in Dubai. We are serving 24/7 to entertain our customers, and in a short time period, we become the customer’s first choice. We are providing the best services to our customers that we have at hand. Our primary objective is to make our company the best in quality services. We believe in quality, not quantity.

    Promising Car Hiring Dubai Deals

    Competing with top car dealers in Dubai as we offer great deals and exceptional car rental prices that fit your requirements and budget. You don’t have to worry about your wallet because we’re sure you’re going to find a unique car that screams out your name and preferences.

    Considering our wide range of high-quality car company brands, you can, for a fact, find exactly what you’re looking for as we cover all the car genres and categories at our VIP car rental Dubai company. Whether you want your car for your date with your partner, a late-night cruise with the gang, or just a simple road trip with the family, we got you covered. Your dream car is just one click away from being parked right under your house.

    Safety and Requirements for Car Rental Dubai

    Your safety is our number one priority, that’s why we only provide the best cars in the market for our clients and customers. Renting a car doesn’t mean you’re getting a banged-up vehicle that’s almost on the edge of breaking down. On the contrary, we provide rentals in tip-top shape from sports cars to the famous VIP ones.

    We take all the precautionary measures to maintain a trusted environment and a high reputation. We also keep a keen eye on underage drivers who want to rent a car, as we have rules that don’t allow underage drivers to rent a car Dubai from us here at VIP. By doing so, we can keep our streets safe for others. Also, we require our clients to pay a refundable security deposit that is considered the safe side of the deal. Plus, this deposit can cover any damages that happen to the car, theft, or in case of RTA fines. So, you’re not just purchasing your dream car, and you’re also purchasing your safety.

    Countless Car Rental Options and Features

    Your taste might be difficult to meet. You might even think that your dream car can’t be found in car hiring Dubai companies. That’s where you’re wrong. Here at VIP Car Rental Dubai, we offer a wide range of car brands that will sure quench that thirst you have. There’s nothing we have that you don’t want to rent. Even if money is the factor of your car rental process, you don’t have to worry, because our company offers exquisite deals and prices that you might even consider us a cheap car leasing Dubai company.

    Take your time and scroll through our sports collection, VIPs, SUVs, and economy cars to pick the best fit for you. Whatever car you feel suits your requirements and meets your expectations, then don’t hesitate to click that button and connect with one of our dealers for car hire.

    Massive Car Collection

    Taking car rental to a whole different level, we offer a substantial collection of cars that will suit everyone’s taste. If you’re looking for a car to show off your presence, you should pick from our VIP car hire Dubai category. However, if you’re more of the daredevil kind and want a more powerful engine, then head on to our sports car rental Dubai section.

    You can find all sorts of cars that your heart desires right here at your favorite car dealer, VIP Car Rental. Some of you might not be the kind that likes expensive and powerful engine cars and is considered more of a convenient and practical character. No worries, because our categories for an economy car and SUV rental Dubai are always open to meet your requirements and expectations.

    Luxury Car Rental Dubai

    Enjoying the great sites, cruising around at night, and stopping by your favorite restaurant is something these VIP cars are made to do. Renting a car in Dubai isn’t just for arriving at certain destinations or picking up some supplies from the store. It’s more than that. When you rent a VIP car, you want to experience life in Dubai to the fullest as you visit glorious places like Burj Al Arab or Burj Khalifa. You might even want to take a dip in the sandy beaches of Jumeirah Beach.

    So much to experience in a modern city like Dubai. And what better way to endure these extraordinary places than with a luxurious car that screams out fun and adventure.

    Are you Looking for a luxury car rental in Dubai? Here you are at the right place as our team provides its unique sports cars and other luxury cars in Dubai. No matter where you are, we can provide our services in the whole city. We offer the best and VIP car rentals having premium quality at affordable prices. It’s time to follow your dreams. It’s all about you. Feeling VIP with our services makes you feel more comfortable with outstanding traveling.

    Chauffeur Service in Dubai

    Renting a VIP car in Dubai could be more exciting if you hire a chauffeur or driver with it. Airport pick-up and drops have never been classier with the experience you get from us here at VIP.

    After you’ve carefully scrolled and browsed through our wide collection of VIP car rental Dubai Airport categories, you’ll then have chosen the car of your dreams with one click. You can then also purchase our driver service with the car and have us take care of your glorious cruise or airport pick-up in Dubai. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy everything around you when you’re too busy keeping your eyes on the road. That’s why we offer Chauffeur services for a better experience.

    You might want to drive around in a VIP car but don’t have a driver’s license or the right forms to do so. That’s where our chauffeur services come in to save the day. Now, you can enjoy that drive-along you wanted without worrying about putting your hands on the wheel with our driver devices. You can also take that special someone to dinner while sitting comfortably in the back seat and gazing at the towering buildings and tremendous lights in the streets of Dubai. We always got you covered here at VIP car rental.

    Our Car Rental Company Location

    If you’re thinking about a VIP car rental in Dubai from us here at VIP, then you’d be amazed at how beneficial it is for you to pick up your rental. Seeing that our company is located alongside Sheikh Zayed road, we are like the center of tremendous tourist attractions and popular destinations for you to visit in your extraordinary VIP car hire.

    If you’re visiting Dubai on vacation, then picking up your VIP car rental is something of a delight. As mentioned, our location is somewhat a tourist magnet. As you come down Sheikh Zayed road, you will be dazzled with all the marvelous tall buildings, amusement centers, and best of all, the famous Burj Khalifa. Imagine riding your new VIP car while smelling the fresh new car interior as you cruise on the roads of Dubai. Best of all, our location is practically alongside Dubai Mall, where you can get a few things to treat yourself. After all, what’s a good vacation without the proper shopping to go with it?

    Divine VIP Car Rental Dubai

    Nothing says classy and elegant than a VIP car from us here at VIP car rental. Experience true delight with our wide collection of high-ranked car rentals from different car companies just to fit your requirements and taste.

    Get a taste of what our classy cars have to offer by just scrolling, or searching, through our selection and choosing the best one for you. It’s so easy that it basically requires a few clicks to have your VIP car rental right at your doorstep. Our VIP vehicles are a symbol of comfort and unique design as they can truly put on a show and steal the spotlight with every appearance. This category is for all you Casanovas and prestigious characters who love to party and hang out at famous restaurants, bars, or classy gatherings.

    A VIP car rental in Dubai is exactly what you need to embrace your inner prestige and express your personality, as these vehicles can tell a lot about you in a discreet mysterious kind of way. It’s the kind of convertibles that all the high-class celebrities and famous business people admire and drive when they’re in the great city of Dubai. Besides, what’s the point of experiencing the wonders of Dubai if you’re not going to get the right car for the job?

    Sports Car Rental Dubai

    It’s a new and modern world out there. It’s a world where smartphones are the new life hacks of our everyday lives. They even connect to our glorious cars, especially the sporty ones that all you daredevil out there love to drive. We live in a modern age where sports car rental can’t go unnoticed in a great city like Dubai.

    Taking your car rental experience to the next level is easy when you want to rent a sports car from us here at VIP car rental. Plus, it’s all about power and performance when riding the next generation of modern vehicles. Get a load of our wide selection of Dubai supercars that will have you drooling from amazement whether you’re an Audi R8, Lamborghini Huracan. Dodge Charger, or any sporty car class kind of person, we got it right here. We offer some of the best and high-performance engine cars in the market for you to skid the roads of Dubai.

    Why settle for one sports car when you can rent and try them all. That’s why renting a sports car will give you a diverse experience of all the powerful machines in the sports car industry. That’s how you experience a modern city like Dubai.

    If you are a fan of sports cars, then you would know how fun it can be to drive one of the world’s best sports cars. We provide you the best luxury, fun, and thrill sports car rental in Dubai to visit wherever you want to. You can enjoy rides with thrill to the maximum cities in Dubai where you want to. We provide you your dream car rental in Dubai. We are providing these services at your budget rate. Luxury car rental delivers the best and unique services that will compensate you with comfort and luxury. Come and visit us. You will definitely like our services and will come again and again.

    Your Late-Night Sports Car Rental Fun

    The modern city of Dubai is a place of fun, parting, and of course, hard work and businesses are a thing. However, we are trying to emphasize that this great city is a beacon of enjoyment and activities. That’s why if you want to take full advantage of your experience here, you need to have the right car for the occasion.

    If you want to party, you need to do it right. It’s possible to take a cab or call an Uber to pick you up and drop you off at your desired destination, but where’s the fun in that? Rent a sports car from us here at VIP and let those late-night cruises and dates glow with enjoyment. There’s no dress code for having a great time in Dubai, but driving a normal car on your night out is unacceptable. Get yourself a powerful and modern sports car to fit the protocol of late-night fun. Therefore, no need to buy a car for these special occasions. Just rent one instead and let those lights reflect and bounce off your sleek design sports car.

    Sights and Destinations to Visit in Your Sports Car

    It’s time to pack up and fill up the tank because you’re going on a trip to see all the great destinations and sights of the UAE in your new sports car rental from VIP. As a newcomer, you might want to consider visiting the most commonplace tourists visit, and it’s the famous Burj Khalifa. That tall ginormous skyscraper is a symbol of the modern city of Dubai.

    Drive along with this glorious building, find a nice spot to park, and get some pictures taken with you in Infront of the tower. You can also squeeze in your sports car as well if you feel like it. It’s actually better to include your new rental in the photo. After all, it’s part of you now.

    You can visit other sights like Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah beach for a nice dip, and the iconic Dubai gardens for a stunning nature view. All of this is easy and possible just by renting a good old sports car from us here at the VIP car rental. You might even get the chance to visit all these marvelous locations in one day, thanks to that powerful engine you got under your hood.

    Better Deal with Long-Term Car Lease Dubai

    We’ve already explained how monthly car rental in Dubai might be more beneficial than just renting a car daily. It costs less, and you can find sweet offers and mind-blowing deals with long-term car leasing. Although, it might be even better if you lease or car hire for more than just a monthly payment.

    If you plan to buy a new car on a loan process, you might need to consider that this will have you liable in many ways. For instance, now that you’ve bought a car on loan, you can’t buy property on loan because of the loan you already have, according to the UAE government. Not to mention the high-interest rates that might come with your loan. That’s why a long-term car lease plan is something that will keep you safe and won’t affect your wallet, as some of these deals don’t require a down payment. You might even be lucky and find some actually refundable deals.

    Most car rental companies in Dubai provide free replacement vehicle options if your car ever breaks down, goes through engine problems, or even meets an accident. You won’t even have to worry about being late to an important meeting because they will provide you with instant replacement until your car is fixed and back in tip-top shape. So, it’s better to get a long-term car lease in Dubai than just relying on daily car leasing services.

    SUV Rental Dubai

    No road trip or family vacation is complete without a true family vehicle to get you going. An SUV car rental is exactly what you need for your outdoor fam9ily fun or just for running personal errands. These SUV cars we have here at VIP car rental are massive and large convertibles that will fit the entire family when going on the long road driving trips or even all your friends when going out for a friendly gathering. The best feature about these huge cars is their massive extra interior space and in the rear trunk.

    With all of that capacity inside your car, you won’t have to worry about the number of bags you’re taking with you or even that extra luggage the Mrs. will be carrying. It’s an efficient, convenient car to rent, as it will serve all your needs and purposes and ease your transportation method.

    SUV Cargo and Storage

    Your primary concern should be the storage space in the trunk and the interior when renting an SUV. You can’t expect to have a lot of space in a sports or VIP car if you want to rent a convertible for practical usage. That’s why an SUV like a Lexus LX570 will definitely have you prepared for any road trip ahead.

    The cargo space for these cars varies in sizes and shapes, so you can’t expect to get the same massive storage room from a Ford Expedition EL as to the Honda Pilot’s truck space. They’re both great cars with exceptional performance and huge bodies, but they don’t provide the same interior room space. It’s better to look into some of the requirements you would prefer to find in your SUV rental. These factors should include:

    Family Members

    The number of family members you have and how many would most likely be in the SUV. Depending on whether you’re a small family of three or a large family of six or seven, a Chevrolet SUV could be the best fit for both family sizes. However, a Ford SUV could be a better choice for family members of six or seven.

    Type of Drive

    You need to consider that the SUV car you will rent will be your means of transportation for either a long-term or just a few days, depending on your car lease Dubai deal. Thus, it’s essential to have at least an idea of where your typical destinations will be and the purpose you will use your car. If you’ll be going on long drives like from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, then most likely a big SUV would be a better choice. Local drives in the city would require a smaller SUV seeing that not many cargoes would be needed.

    Expected Luggage Capacity

    Indeed, you can’t possibly know who much space you would need in the SUC car you’re going to rent, but a close guess could actually help in determining which convertible to rent. Other factors like the number of family members and house size are great aspects that help you with choosing your next family SUV car rental in Dubai.

    Economy Car Rental Dubai

    Not looking for a presentation, nor even for a classy experience; you’re just a practical person who likes to keep it simple and clean. That’s where an economy car rental from a company like us here in Dubai is what you need. Keeping everything sleek and keen is what these simple cars resemble. A low-profile convertible like the Mazda 6 will provide you a convenient experience and serve as your trusted steed in this modern city of Dubai.

    Going to work, picking up your friends, heading out for a night drive to clear your mind, or just going for a grocery run, this car hiring category will definitely be your go-to pick. Another benefit you can get from renting an economy car is the great cheap car rental Dubai deals and offers that come with these magnificent convertibles. Plus, you don’t even have to worry about high gas expenses because, with their fuel-efficient engines, you won’t be burning a lot of fuel while driving them like you would when driving a sports or VIP vehicle.

    Save Money on Economy Cars

    Mind-blowing deals and glamorous offers are what a car rental Dubai company like ours provides on our wide selection of economy cars. You can save a lot when renting a practical and simple convertible like the Mazda 6 or the Nissan Sunny. Why spend all your money buying a new car when you can afford any vehicle your heart desires by renting for a long-term or monthly.

    You can get a great deal on modern and new cars from us here at VIP with just one click. We offer fresh new rentals waiting for you to drive and skid the roads of Dubai.

    24/7 Professional Team Support

    Whether you want to book your newly fresh rental today or have some concerns about the one you already have, our customer service line is always open to serve you. We know that you might be taking a late-night drive, and you might have a question about your currently rented Ferrari, or you might want a late-night airport pick up from Dubai International Airport. Everything you want and requirements will be addressed instantly with our professional customer service team.

    Your car rental Dubai deal is one call away. You’ll have your fresh rental either parked at the doorstep of your home or ready for pick up whenever you please. VIP Rent a Car Dubai is your car hiring Dubai paradise.

    Our Top Services

    Come to us today and get benefits from our top luxury car services in Dubai.

    Airport Pickups
    When you hire a car with us, we provide you an airport pick-up service. This is a complimentary service for all respected customers.

    Professional Chauffeur
    Enjoy your journey with a professional and well-dressed driver. When you book our luxury car, you can also get benefit from our chauffeur service. We offer cars with chauffeur service!

    24/7 Customer Care Support
    In case of any mishap, we are available 24/7 for your assistance. We have a professional customer care support team who entertains all your queries.

    Luxury car with Driver Dubai
    Hire a Luxury Car for Different Events
    It doesn’t matter if you need a luxury car to explore Dubai, attend a wedding ceremony, business conferences, or attend parties. We offer you all types of luxury cars.

    Pick-up and Drop-off
    Enjoy your ride in Dubai because we are offering you pick-up and drop-off services as well. Yes, wherever you are, make a call. We will pick you up and drop you off at your desired location.

    We Treat Like a Family
    Be our guest in Dubai, UAE. We have a well-trained team who treats you like a family member and makes your journey comfortable and hassle-free for you at all times.